Solr – walk-through – Part 2

Please note that <lib/> directives are processed in the order
that they appear in your solrconfig.xml file, and are “stacked”
on top of each other when building a ClassLoader – so if you have
plugin jars with dependencies on other jars, the “lower level”
dependency jars should be loaded first.

If a “./lib” directory exists in your instanceDir, all files
found in it are included as if you had used the following

<lib dir=”./lib” />

Documents Screen

The first step is to define the RequestHandler to use (aka, ‘qt’). By default will be defined. To use Solr /update Cell, for example, change the request handler to . /update/extract.

The Files screen lets you browse & view the various configuration files (such and the schema solrconfig.xml file) for the collection you selected.

Configuration files cannot be edited with this screen, so a text editor of some kind must be used.


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