Sonarqube Part 1

About Machines and Locations
● The SonarQube Platform cannot have more than one SonarQube Server and one SonarQube Database.
● For optimal performance, each component (server, database, scanners) should be installed on a separate machine, and the server machine should be
● SonarQube Scanners scale by adding machines.
● All machines must be time synchronized.
● The SonarQube Server and the SonarQube Database must be located in the same network
● SonarQube Scanners don’t need to be on the same network as the SonarQube Server.
● There is no communication between SonarQube Scanners and the SonarQube Database.

A project is created in the platform automatically on its first analysis. However, if you need to set some configuration on your project before its first analysis, you have the option of provisioning it.