Windows – (Part 2)

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System Properties and Environment Variables

explorer . will open current folder 

How to create an empty file at the command line in Windows?

removing a directory

Run command for services management console

Move directories

echo %JAVA_HOME%

create new directory

copy directory and files

search for files in windows

mklink /?
Creates a symbolic link.

MKLINK [[/D] | [/H] | [/J]] Link Target

/D Creates a directory symbolic link. Default is a file
symbolic link.
/H Creates a hard link instead of a symbolic link.
/J Creates a Directory Junction.
Link specifies the new symbolic link name.
Target specifies the path (relative or absolute) that the new link
refers to.


Windows command line get folder size

Windows – (Part 1)

All UWP apps are distributed as an AppX package.
You target device families, not an OS.

relative panel



If you want to call just a small number of APIs, you could use the ApiInformation.IsTypePresent method like this.

App.xaml is where you ​declare resources that are used across the app​​. App.xaml.cs is the code­behind file for App.xaml.

MouseMove, TouchMove, and StylusMove​​ In Windows Store apps, these separate events are replaced with a single ​PointerMoved ​​event that works
equally well for touch, mouse, and stylus input

VisualStateManager, VisualStateGroup, Responsive Design

Don’t use app data to store ​user data or anything that users might perceive as valuable and irreplaceable​​. We recommend that the user’s libraries and
Microsoft OneDrive be used to store this sort of information. Appdata is ideal for storing ​app­specific user preferences, settings, and favorites​​.

local app data store

local composite value

read/write file

If you use roaming data in your app, your users can easily keep your app’s app data in sync across multiple devices.
it is a best practice to use roaming data ​only for user preferences, links, and small data files​​.

Retrieve the temporary data container

Note that if your app is running when it is activated as a Share target, the ​existing instance of your app is terminated and a new instance of your appis launched to handle the contract​​.

shareOperation.ReportError(“Could not reach the server! Try again later.”);

Your app should handle this possibility by checking what types of files were dropped and processing them accordingly, and notifying the user if they’re trying
to do something your app don’t support.

Copy is the most common.

Drag and drop

You can’t access the UI from a non­UI thread, so the setting the MediaElement.Source property and calling RequestRelease must be made using the
CoreDispatcher.RunAsync ​​method so that the calls execute on the UI thread.

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